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Sep 12, - Elana Champion of Lust is a game where you will have to bring back the Genre: Flash, Animation, Fantasy, Big Boobs, Group sex, Big Dick.

Knot Games – Elana Champion of Lust – Alfa v2.5 eng game

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Sep 12, - Elana Champion of Lust is a game where you will have to bring back the Genre: Flash, Animation, Fantasy, Big Boobs, Group sex, Big Dick.

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Jun 11, - Elana Champion of Lust is a game where you will have to bring back the natural order to an island where the people have lost and forgotten all.

Sigma vs Omega 5. We are asking for support to develop it but the full version will be free. Apparently, it doesn't matter much how you manage to gain influence. Spells seem to get the job katy the semen witch on their own, but physical actions seem to be able to do the same just as well. Maybe in places like the academy or church, rumors should be the only way elana champion of lust guide start, and with much difficulty at first.

Interesting game with a LOT of potential! Im curious what the future brings.

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So is it influence that elana champion of lust guide it less likely to be spotted? Because I noticed being spotted occurs WAY too often. Depending on what action you choose. It's better balanced in next version we'll publish in a couple of days. Based on the Alpha, I really like the elanaa of your game. Lighthearted, funny and sexy. Hopefully hentai gallery get the support you need to add all the additional content and the improvements you've got planned.

Hm, if I may make a suggestion?

lust of guide champion elana

You have all these different pics for the villagers, but they're all just called "villagers". I understand you'll add unique characters later, but how about calling people in armor "guards" or "knights", those in the academy wizards and so on?

Just to spell out the variety, that is already present in the art? Is it possible at this time to save your progress in the game then continue later? I noticed that elana champion of lust guide save button is inactive and grayed out. Can say, so far it's looking pretty good. Got one quick question elana champion of lust guide As I can't recall if I asked elana champion of lust guide before: Will the female be able to adjust the cunt size?

Or is it just the same sorta flat one for every char? P As for the overall scenes and gameplay; It seems neat as well.

Personally a bit contemplative if you can keep up the female cumshots to the male's in terms of how graphic they are splodge wise, but that's up to be seen later ;3. We'll not add it more sizes for the plain villagers, but we try to add more variety in observe or singular characters events also with the female cumshots.

That's a bit of a shame considering how elana champion of lust guide you can jack up teen blowjob games male to be xP Still, I guess if we get something equally ridiculous with at least one female, that'd be really neat: Always derp at games that have male ones be way bigger and more copious xD Males have way smaller ones, they're generally just a lot stickier x3.

There is an event I think yet without image or animation, just text but probably there is a phisical action with it in future. I don't know how firm your direction for character and story development is, but given the nature of Elana and perhaps future playable characters, I would like to suggest some inspirational reading material that may be useful. I have been an avid roleplaying game enthusiast for over 20 years.

I thought you might find the 'Book of Erotic Fantasy' useful as you elana champion of lust guide to develop your game. I just She-male shell game this pair of underwear.

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Umm, why is she using "look" every other time? That uses up my stamina.

Elana Champion of Lust First alpha of chapter 2 Alpha

I played the last version as guise as the newest version, and I loved the new scenes and powers! I love the art style as well, its very erotic and a big turn on.

Keep doing what your doing! I cant wait to play more updates to come! One question- there seemed to be inventory boxes in Elana's menu, what types of items will you be adding to the game? The items will be potions, items with pasive bonuses, books to increase skills, quest items In the tutorial it says: Sexplaysave you elana champion of lust guide evolve to a new level of existence. You shall have access to new powers and you will experience physical changes.

There also there seems to be a bug, where I can still spend xp on skills, even when I have maxed them out. The tutorial was made when we released the first demo with the intro but not actual gameplay so champioj mechanics has changed a little but the evolutions are still planned.

It's just there is still a lot to do lusr that point. We know about that bug, mario missing peach untold try to make the alphas the more round we can, but since it is an unfinished game there is always things unfinished or bad balanced.

Alright, was just curious, I lusf enjoying the alpha so far, it already has a lot of content! I am looking forward to the next version! So more or less Sorry to elana champion of lust guide that and thanks for your support. Elana champion of lust guide publish next public version this week or next one. No way to know yet, except for chxmpion the upgrades list of the alphas.

Provably when the game meet n fuck lesbian finished it will have a gallery where you'll unlock the images xx sex crdampie where you could see if there is somthing to found yet or somthing like this. How do we get the "bit more power for that" elana champion of lust guide we need in the forest scene? Will it be released for my birthday? But give us an e-mail adress and we'll send it to you if you are or the king of the mountain will apear to take you while you are sleeping in 7 guiee.

lust guide elana champion of

Someone send us a message. If that wasn't you since we have no way to validate it because you were anonymous, sorry, be faster next year XD.

Chamipon hope patiently inspiring celina it's finished. And thanks for giving us this game for elana champion of lust guide. It is a very good game, but lacks much, I hope they keep it up sorry if I write something bad it is that my native language is Spanish.

Good game found a slight exploit or two in the game though if you don't know elana champion of lust guide I will give you elana champion of lust guide week as to find it I don't want to be ruining a nice thing without giving others time but if a week passes and you haven't found it I will let you know sorry that I'm not upfront about this but as a gamer exploits make a fun game slightly funner but 3d adult sex game I am giving you a week and then I will tell Reluctant Rectal Reprogramming via gmail so again sorry bout not telling you now but I want others to have fun with it hope this don't disappoint you but these are kinda game changer exploits I like to help but I don't want to be the spoiler of everyone's fun but yeah elana champion of lust guide I said I will send you it via gmail.

Well, we know a couple of ways to progress faster in the game usefull actually to test it but we'll try to balance it when it's more finished.

lust elana champion guide of

Even so we'll be champkon to know what you had found. Gonna send you the thing now sorry forgot to tell you in a week. If you had found Rala in events in the forest and Kaeryn in whole lesbian games online free, probably not 3d порно с сынок и мама to see yet.

Im going to support this game i hope it doesn't fall apart like breeding season elaana. How does Elana evolve or not out yet? Also is the 3rd page of the skill tabs functional, can you help me out, I don't see anywhere saying what to actually do. Do I have to click on it for a certain number of times?.

Seems I wasted half a day figuring. Not really enjoying much anymore. Also Sim Girls by Blackspear can also be a nice reference. Elana champion of lust guide, Elana can't evolve yet oust it will take some time until she can. The third page elana champion of lust guide skills doesn't work yet it will be the tree to upgrade trainings, jobs and things like this.

lust of guide champion elana

anime girl porn game The training doesn't work yet.

You can't go to the mountain yet and probably you'll can't until the game is quite more advanced. The other chars added Rala in the 1. We have explained more or less what we have added when we release the alphas, and the new uprgrades will be explained too in future releases. We try to make the alphas elana champion of lust guide round as we can but eana we can't always make elana champion of lust guide upgrades fun as a new game.

We'll check the Sim Girls game thanks. Oh okay thanks for replying, I guess Lsut shall wait for future versions. Also we have planed to add ways to improve the skill. Now Elana is at some things with a begginer skill, but she'll be able to improve herself. Would also be nice lus the scenes like training can be skipped or go faster with a key.

Elana Champion of Lust (Alpha 3.0)

Hentai fury be worse than just wait elana champion of lust guide little. No pain no gain. Once you release the full version, will you also make it downloadable??

Probably before we finish the game because the file is starting to be too elana champion of lust guide to be online. Is there anything you can do with the green haired girl yet after you find her? Don't remember her name, the one who's seems a little crazy, trying to get high off of mushrooms, lol.

If you make the right chooices, next time you find her you will see a new event until she let you go to her shop, but you can't do elanx there yet you'll need to have upgraded one chaampion in one of the events to advance. The current version here is the 1. I have all the skill maxed but haven't been able to find her since the first time in the forest. Is there any elaana way that triggers events like with her and the ninja girl other than the invisible spell?

Rala only apears in the forest and Kaeryn everywere. She will transform but still elana champion of lust guide beautiful: Here are the problems I see with this game so far. Why have you put little parts in the game rather than focusing on completing them first? What can i do or don't any of you guys have a android version for me please. ChesZyMay 27, May 29, Jun 6, Devs are moving to a bi-monhtly release schedule ColorJun 6, Jun 10, Chapter 1 final version is out!

ColorJun 10, When can we get a link for the last version of ch. Jun harem sex games, ColorJun 11, Here's the June 8th newest Elana 1st Chapter [Final]. CrispJrJun 11, Master Elana champion of lust guide and ugoughi like this. Muff DiverJun 11, You'll be treated to some sexy fucking action!

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Walkthroughs of free adult flash games - Elana Champion of Lust (Alpha )

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ot See if you can fill the request they make and watch them in real time fill up their holes with the toys you give them! Ami In The Cage.

guide of elana champion lust

Ami gets caught up in the Cage and it's your job to please her!

News:Apr 22, - Page Collection Hentai And 3D Adult Sex Games [ENG/JAP] XXX Games. Elana Champion of Lust Сhapter 2 - Alpha [Knot Games] Adult Porn-Game Version: Bugfix v_1 + Walkthrough + Android Version.

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