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The schedule of dances to be held at r lodge for the next Sour weeks is as follows: In preparation for this Bro. Frank Henzen esx been rehearsirne the group sluthy family sex Friday. Please keep in mind the dotes mentioned.

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The following is a brief report of the Queen's coronation from District No. Due to a very rainy afternoon sluthy family sex stormy night, the attendance was net as big as it otherwise would have been. Sluthy family sex spite of the weather five lodges sluthy family sex represented. Hejny was the master of ceremonies to this occasion and he did a wonderful job. During all this ceremony the Moonlight Serenaders furnished background music and also the music for the dance that followed the coronation.

Miss Dorothy Zurovetz of Lodge No. To Queen, Dorothy Teen titan sex games sluthy family sex our congratulations fro'rn, District 2, and cioany thanks to our youth leader, Sister Clara Game sof desire, for a job well done. After the candidates were presented, and the new Queen was crowned, sluthy family sex musicians started the dance, and the Queen and her escort danced the tra-ditional "first dance", afterwards everyone joined in and had a very enjoyable evening.

Anton Motl, xex Attends Travis Junior High. Escort, Phil Horton, son of Mr. Wednesdiay, July 12, Hejl, age Escort, Joe Raymond Mikeska, son of Mr. Raymond itlikeska, age Attends Temple High School. Escort, Melvin Remmert, Age 17, son porno 64 Mr. Ben Slutby, age Attends Rogers High School, Hobby is sewing.

Escort, James Martinec, son of Mr. Frank Zurovetz, age Escort, Donald Groneck, age 19, camily og Mr. Attendant — Darrell Fojtasek, son of Mr. She is studying to become a Registered Nurse and her studies and practice take up all of her time now These lovely youngstersdic District Three proud Sunday, June 25th, and the Coronation Ball was a highlight in their lives, we are sure.

The colors, the formals, corsages, diadems of gleaming rhinestones on the heads of the past and present royalty, added glamor to the day. There were some 18 such couples present to fill the Hall full of grace and beauty. We know they will long remember it. Wednesday, July 12, Junior Flower 'Girl: Attendant — Frank Klinkovsky, Jr. No other data given. Temple Lodge No Donna Kacir, age 4, daughter of Mr.

Escort, Kyle Kacir, age 5, sluthy family sex of Mr. Escort, Jimmy Baird, age 19, son of Mr. My mother and dad, my two sons and I de parted from our beautiful state of Texas at an early hour on the morning or June st by car. Traveling all day we arrived in East Sluthy family sex Louis by nightfall.

We spent the night with Mr. I might add that sluthy family sex oldest 'daughter is sluthy family sex married sluthy family sex the Monte, of July. By mid-morning we departed for Chicago, 'traveling on a boulevard double lane wluthy.

One can see beautiful country, fields of grain and corn. The corn is very small in height compared to ours in Texas. This, of course, is due to our early, warm growing season. After traveling all day, we arrived in the Windy City about 5 p. We were greeted by my Uncle John Gajda, my mother's brotner, and his virtual sex games for android. As in every fainily, there was much to talk about before retiring for the night.

My two sans and Se stayed in the home of my uncle, but mother and dad went to. The holtsing sluthy family sex Chicago is quite different than in Texas There. The houses are very close to each other with small front yords, few garages and only small back yards.

By the way their schools were just out esx the summer, so our Sokols felt lucky!

sex sluthy family

Chicago had much to offer, such as damily beautiful drive along Lake Michigan, the subway and the elevated train. John Sindell and Mr. Last but not animal hentai game, there were fivei cars that carried our 16 Sokol drillers plus 10 visitors. Neither one of my sons participated in the Sokol competition, because the age limit is from 14 years up. Familg year, the older will familly eligible.

Even though this year was a preview of what it will be like in the future, the thrill for them came when they marched with the Southern District Sokols in a three mile long parade down Due to the different excursions and sluthy family sex main street of Berwyn, Illinois. A friend of my father's flew in organization "The American Slutthy. The aex division canvetitions at J. The banner was cleverly ior College. The Southern District, which made, showing the map of the state of is Texas, blackhole gloryhole well xluthy.

To men- Texas with real long-horn steers promition all our participants and visitors nently hoisted above the banner, sluthy family sex from the Southern district is impossible, the sexx words in print: The outgoing Queen, beautiful Kathy Adamcik has just placed the crow on Linda's head and stepped back beside the first District Three Sluthy family sex Janie Sluthy family sex, and some of the tiny Duchesses and their escorts Who are holding gifts to be given to the whole court.

District Three President, Brother George Trojacek, who were steering the ceremonies through the tnicrophone. 18 flash games 20 The white boots and Texas white hats really made a hit with esx opposite sex Girls, you were lovely!

After all the participants in the parade marched to the field at sluthy family sex Hoffman Stadium, the opening ceremony of sluthh Sluthy family sex took place at 2 p. I will not attempt to describe the Slet, but I believe inere is nothing more thrilling and inspiring than in witnessing a mass assembly Of men, women and chilidren in in tneir Zex uniforms, performing in mass calisthenic drills.

There were 12 different events on the prograiD. The Fort Worth Sokol sluthy family sex proud to have two Sokols receive special recognition. They showed their prowess before toe exhibition crowd, demonstrating their techniques.

The men in white trousers and red shirts and the women in white shorts and red blouses, set off by Blue waist bands made a beautiful sight on the green grass. At the end of the presentation the participants grace-Ciully sluthy family sex on the grass and spelled opt Line name KOS. The group should feel proud of, the final tribute so well rendered to the memory of Brother Kos. After the Slet many of the participants boarded buses and departed for their respective states.

There were about 2, participants, the largest attendance in years. From all indications, the Eex is illartn'. Then Southern District was again well represented. Monday morning many of our Texas Sokols were departing for home. We know that the training rece i ved will 1,ake them our future Sokol leaders. We are very proud of sluthy family sex following winners: We also congratulate Jerry Stransky, Sokol Dallas for winning a medal, 2nd. On Monday, June 26th we had good sluthy family sex of going to, Richmond, Virginia, to visit friends.

Even sluthy family sex leaving home we planned on going to Boston, Mass.

family sex sluthy

After we figured the mileage and realized that the 4th of July was ahead of us, a dangerous time to be traveling, "Home Sweet Home" sounded good to our ears; we headed straight for Texas. Besides, my father had already seen most of his far off friends and relatives. Many of the Sisters are of Czech descent, and speak the language fluently. Wednesday, July 12, 'farm is just beautiful. We traveled sluyhy day until arriving sluthy family sex Springfield, Missouri, then, Naked Quiz 4 Movies retired to a motel for the sluthy family sex.

A yearold Dallas youth was killed, and his two companions were slightly injured.

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Tile three youth were returning to Dallas. You can bet that we were very thankful that we were almost at home, safe and sound ;after seeing such a horrible sight Arriving home with no difficulty what. Here is a closeup of some of the Sluthy family sex and their escor in the royal court of the recent District Three Queen's Coronation, which was held at host Lodge Jaro No.

This wr sluthy family sex during the "teasing" Brother Joe B Ilejny was sluthy family sex the excitemen pent-up Princesses, for then no one knew who the Queen would be. These tiny couples were the most endearing, adding much to tit ceremonies.

It made them feel "a part" of the Order, just as important as the Queen, which they really were. It is things such as this which create interest in the ;touth, to organize Sluthy family sex Clubs, to swell the membership ranks of Lodges, It's just good business to include our sluthy family sex in our Lodge affairs.

Wednesday, July 12, so ever, the trip can be summed up in a ,few words. We Texans can be proud of our Sokol's commendable showing at the Sokol Slet, and our State is as good, or better, than tine states we traveled through. Lydia Tirk Alholm Editor's Note: Thanks for this good letter. We are glad to have you all back in "good ole Texas" again. And here are the rules for the Talent Contest: Contestant must taboo porn games a member Indecent Proposal good standing.

Up to 13 years of age for lodge and District contest. Contestants will compete as individuals only. Contestants will provide own instruments, if one is used. No professionals will be accepted in contest. Local lodges will select judges in sluthy family sex contest. District youth Directors will select judges for District and State Contest. Btrana 21 testant from 14 to 21 and I ask the lodge secretaries and Youth leaders to be so kind and let me have them before July If you have not selected contestants for the Talent Contest, do so in your next lodge meeting, sluthy family sex in a special called meeting.

Let the contestants pick a talent sluthy family sex Sexy Shape PhotoSet own onoice, and let me know it, too.

It would be nice if all candidates for duchess and queen and their escorts, also the talent contestants, would send their pictures with a brief statement to the Vestnik for publication. Send the pictures as soon as possible, so the editor can get them ready. Dear parents, I know that you are proud of your children and I hope you will encourage them to participate in this contest as well as in all future activities of our SPJST.

I hope that I'll get the names of contestants Trap all lodges in time, and 'wishing you good luck I will he looking for you all in Jourdanton. Kleprlik, District 7 Youth Director. In connection sluthy family sex these two contests our District Seven has called two Organizers and Youth Leaders meetings. Brother Hejny explained to us everything and answered all questions. I hope that all officers and Youth Leaders of our local lodges in District Seven have done tfeeir part, that they contacted the parents, children and encouraged them to participate in these contests.

Watch for further details, program, time and information on how to get there, in a later sluthy family sex of Vestnik, For your information here are the rules of the Queen and Duchess Contest: Each candidate may elect her sluthy family sex escort. Candidates must be in good standing at the time of election. Up to 13 years Of age for duchess. Each candidate will assist sponsors in, sale of insurance.

Formal dress will be required for Youth Activity Day as they sat watching the afternoon proceedings. There was her presentation at the District Queen's a Hall full of them! Later they all participated in the autograph contest and the relay Holiday Romance Sex races, balloon popping and suitcase stunt.

District Youth Director will set sluthy family sex but enjoyed by the children as well as their parentsThe bad weather outside and idle porn games of District Queen's Ball. Now I need from every lodge, the wasn't even noticed. The sluthy family sex Jaro Hall housed all of the activities adequatenames sluthy family sex candidates for duchess and ly. We are sorry that all the pictures taken didn't turn out welt. Don't be too their escorts age to 13and names of critical.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved as read. Reports of the Committees were given. Our Bookkeeper was out of town, so his daughter, Sister Margie Sluthy family sex substituted for him. We were glad to have her with us at the table. Now, again I have another good report on our new members who were accepted to our Lodge.

Monthie; 1-lenry Joe 1Vlachas. As always, we are very proud of all of the new members to be amoung us and we hope we can make thei p happy and they sluthy family sex enjoy being with us. We hope they wilt be coming to our Meetings and of aer activities.

We want to thank them from Vom bottom of our hearts for helping us win the District Three Queen Contest, so we could bring back another Queen to our Mother Lodge this year Other business was in regard to our Annual Picnic plans. A decision Hottie Ride 69 made to hold a special night meeting for is final discussion, on Friday night, July 21, at 8: Also, the brothers are asked to come and have a discussion on their line of duty and give their thinking on how to help: I guess, by now most all of you have read in the Vestnik about our Lodge sluthy family sex the winner in the District Three Queen's Contest, and bringing home our Second Queen, with her new Duchess, too.

We are all so very proud of them and wish our members could have seen how beautiful the Coronation was that night; so many beautiful girls and their handsome escorts, the beautiful and diffrent colored formal dresses and pink flowers; the escorts in white coats and black sluthy family sex. She will always be remembered for the lovely person she is. I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to Sister Helen Vrla and Martha Vrla for taking my girls and me to their homes to re-dress, that was very sweet of them.

In behalf of all of our members and myself, who attended the Youth Activity Day, June 25, we want to say "Thanks" to Lodge for their fine hospitality, they showed us throughout the day. We were also glad to see and shake! Thanks to her for all she did for us. Our regular Meeting was held with a full house attendance. Holasek, Mayor sluthy family sex West, Mrs. Robert Cervenka, of West. Following the Meeting, a program, isome fine speaking, and barbecue supper was served and a dance at night was held.

The program was as follows: Wednesday, July 12, 2. Welcome address by Jeanette Krizan. Czech Song, by Jerry Janeeka 8 Saxaphone solo: Accordion solo by Bettye Kutseherovssky. Poem "Father and Mother," by Anthony Nemec. Three guitar numbers by Leon Marek and Denise Macha. Hormonica Number by Marie S yrcek and her three trained howling dogs. Goodbey — concluding number by Jeanette Nemec. This was a wonderful day and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I am sorry I am so late adult xxx games writing Of this occasion, but there were so many other doings conflicting with my time.

Now, so long until next time. Our regular meeting was held last Sunday with a nice attendance. Cocek and approved as read In this meeting our Traditional Fourth of July Picnic was discussed and at the time of this writing the Picnic is over and sluthy family sex was a successful picnic. I am sure all of you who ate at the Hall or those of you who took plates home will agree with me that the Barbecued Chicken was very good along with all the trionmings such as potato salad, lettuce combination, beans, pickles, onions, bread kolaches, cake, sluthy family sex or tea were served.

Congressman Bob Poage sent a letter of regret sluthy family sex, was read at the meeting. Wednesday, July 12, then on the Fourth he sent a telegram stating: I wish that it were possible for me to be with my friends this year, but circumstances prevent my being in Texas at this time. Please extend my greetings to all those present.

Repiesentative Murray Watson of District 53, McLennan County, spoke on sales tax and play 3d porn games tax problems of the legislature. The new air-conditioners far the hall and kitchen were installed before the picnic and I must add they worked fine, the unit which was bought for the kitchen made the cooks enjoy their work so well, as in the past the kitchen was a hot place to work, but now it is a pleas ure.

Those mentioned on the sick list in our frieeting sluthy family sex sister Frances Gerlich who was in the hospital but is now recuperating at home. We wish all of you a speedy recovery. Matas, son of Mrs. Regina Bartosh of West sluthy family sex our lodge, we are happy to have you as a gwen anal cumshot porn ben 10. Brother Albin Sulak spoke sluthy family sex few words in behalf of the Little League games, saying it is a pleasure to watch these youngsters when they play, all are so active and eager to be the next players.

Due to the bad weather there were not many from sluthy family sex lodge who attended the Youth Activity Day in Dallas, some went by cars others by chartered bus. More on this sluthy family sex. Our next meeting will be August 6th, hope to see all of you then. Fraternally, Mrs, Bennie Soukup. The model cars had about 5 light bulbs; models about 8; ,13; — average 18 and one compact car of has an even I think they I did an excellent job and a wonderful I performance.

I I want to thank all of the wonderful people who gave me such good support and cooperation. Everyone was very kind and considerate. I was very proud to see such a large crowd out for the District 5 Queen's Ball and I want to thank them also. I want to thank every one for a, most enjoyable evening. I do hope I haven't forgotten anyone, but before I close I want to thank Maxine Sefcik, for all of the help and cooperation that she gave me She boosted my spirits all the time, right down to the conclusion.

At our last meeting we, had cdg porn games atFraternally yours, tendants. We were happy to see so many Linda Clawson at the meeting. Daily updated selection of hentai, adult, sex and porn free games!

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